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Privacy Statement & Terms and Conditions of Sale

1. Privacy Statement

Brugge Plus ( which includes In&Uit Brugge ) respects the privacy of the users of its website. In general, we collect information from you when you create an account, when you buy tickets online, by telephone or at our counter (In&Uit Brugge). We use your details to be able to inform you quickly in the event of changes to the performance or cancellations. In addition, your information is used for statistical information to further adjust our services. Brugge Plus (In&Uit Brugge) sells tickets on behalf of third parties who organize an event. We will only share your information with the organizer of the event for which you purchased tickets. The organizer uses this information for marketing purposes.

Brugge Plus (In&Uit Brugge) fully complies with the Belgian law of 8 December 1992 on processing personal data, as amended by the law of 11 December 1998, which takes into account the European directive of 24 October 1995. We also follow the guidelines of the new European privacy legislation, the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). These regulations will apply from 25 May 2018.

Users who register on this site consent to the use of their personal data in accordance with the privacy policy set out here.

Privacy Statement

  • A. How do we collect your data?

    1. When purchasing tickets online, only your email address is required, unless you choose to send them by postal delivery. In this case we will need your address.
    2. If you create an account when purchasing tickets, or if this is required because of certain benefits attached to it, whether online (ticket website), by phone (ticket hotline) or at the counter (ticket desk).
    3. When visiting our website via computer, smartphone, tablet or other device. We use cookies to collect information about your usage. (Statistical purposes) 
  • B. We hold the following information:

    We will hold your data for as long as we deem it necessary. If you wish, you can have your data deleted. See 'E. What if you do not agree to us using your data'.

    1. Your e-mail address
    2. When creating an account contact and account details:
      identification data such as name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, date of birth. If requested, personal characteristics such as age, gender, personal interests, etc. The information visitors enter at registration is included in the database of Brugge Plus vzw by the organizer.
    3. If you use our websites, we can hold information about your browser and IP address (by means of this number your computer is localized and you need this address to visit websites). We can see what site you have come from, what you have or have not used our site for, or what site you go to when you leave ours. Country of origin, browser type, type of device you use to visit our website (computer, tablet, smartphone)... This data is used for statistical purposes and serves only to adapt the use of the ticket website to the user. This way, we can improve user comfort.
  • C. We use your information for:

    1. Contacting you by e-mail or telephone if a event is changed or cancelled. This way you are informed quickly and this can save you a long trip.
    2. The possibility of resending tickets (by post or e-mail) if you have lost them.
    3. Analysing information so that we can better understand you and our customers in general. We do this to make better decisions regarding our services, advertising, products and content, based on a more detailed picture of how our customers use our current services, and to provide you with a more personalised experience.
    4. The organiser of the event. Brugge Plus vzw (In&Uit Brugge) sells tickets on behalf of third parties (organisers). We only provide your contact details to the organiser of the event for which you purchased tickets. The organiser uses your data for marketing purposes. We advise you to consult the privacy statement of the respective organisers on their website.
  • D. Where is your data held?

    Your data is held in a highly secure data centre managed by the supplier of the ticket system used. This supplier can under no circumstances make use of your data.

    Brugge Plus vzw (In&Uit Brugge) is part of a ticket network. Your data (contact information) will be stored in the account of In&Uit within this ticket network. The following organisations use this ticket network: In&Uit Brugge (Brugge Plus vzw), KAAP, Symphony Orchestra Flanders, MAfestival, Culture Centre Bruges and Concertgebouw Bruges.

    Only your contact details are shared within this network. However, your data may only be used when a ticket is purchased from the organisation in question.

    What is the purpose of this ticket network? This network was started in order to combine forces within the framework of a central commissioning system among cultural organisations. This offers the affiliated organisations various advantages in offering a professional ticket system to the user.

  • E. What if you disagree with the use of your personal data?

    1. If you no longer wish to receive our newsletters, you can unsubscribe by clicking the link in the newsletter's email. Or you can send us an e-mail. We will remove you from our mailing list.
    2. You can opt to have your data completely removed from our database. (Anonymise). In this case, please contact us. We will then remove you from the database of the ticket network.
      ATTENTION: When we completely remove you from the database, we can no longer resend or e-mail your tickets in case of loss
    3. Cookies. You can block cookies via your browser's settings. Or you can disallow the pop-up you get when visiting this website.
  • F. How can you reach us?

    1. Ticket mail:, always available. 
    2. Ticket hotline: +32 78 15 20 20, from Monday to Friday 2.00 p.m. to 5.00 p.m., not during weekends, nor on public holidays. 
    3. Ticket desk In&Uit:

      In&Uit (Concert Hall)
      ’t Zand 34
      8000 Brugge

      Monday to Saturday from 10.00 a.m. to 1.00 p.m. and from 2.00 p.m. to 5.00 p.m.
      Sundays and bank holidays from 10.00 a.m. to 2.00 p.m.
      Closed on Christmas Day and New Year's Day.
      Due to the current Covid-19 measures, opening hours may vary. 
  • G. What we do when this policy is updated?

    From time to time we change our privacy policies. If there are changes to this policy, we will notify you as required by law. We will also post an updated version on our website. This version will have a different date and version number from the one below. Please check our site regularly for updates.

2. Terms & Conditions of Sale

These conditions apply to ticket sales through this online website designed by Brugge Plus vzw (In&Uit Brugge). Brugge Plus vzw offers tickets for sale on behalf of organizers of events. It is not responsible for the content, the set-up, the course, the quality of the show, changes of place, date or price, availability, nor for the cancellation of an event. The possible liability of Brugge Plus vzw is therefore limited to the sale and distribution of tickets.

The person who makes the purchase is considered the only buyer. Only he is bound to payment, even when the tickets must be delivered to a third party. Tickets may under no circumstances be resold to third parties, nor may they be transferred to third parties in a commercial relationship. The person making the purchase through this website hereby accepts the terms and conditions of sale when paying for an order.

Counterfeiting or copying of the tickets in any form is prohibited and will be prosecuted.

Please also read our Privacy Policy. These are an integral part of the terms and conditions of sale.

Terms & Conditions of Sale

  • A. Placing an order

    The tickets are booked from the moment your payment is accepted. You will receive an email from Mollie (payment provider). After payment, a confirmation e-mail with the details of your booking will also be sent, with the etickets attached (if selected).

    Please check your spam or junk mail if you do not receive the confirmation e-mail within the day of your booking. If you cannot find it, please contact us as soon as possible. Something may have gone wrong during your booking.

    If you chose to receive the tickets by post, a shipping cost will be charged. This will automatically be added to your order. You will also receive a confirmation email afterwards. The tickets will be sent by post. See 'C. Delivery'.

    If you chose to receive your tickets as e-tickets (electronic tickets that you can print yourself), if this option is available at the time of the performance in your confirmation e-mail. This email will include a button to download your tickets (PDF).

  • B. Payment

    Payment by debit or credit card is immediate. You will receive an e-mail from Mollie with your payment details. Shortly afterwards, you will also receive our confirmation e-mail.

    Mollie is the payment institution that checks all online transactions and confirms them or not.

  • C. Delivery

    We offer 2 possibilities, these are:

    1. E-ticket

      After your accepted payment, you will receive a confirmation email from Mollie and shortly afterwards an email comfirmation of your booking. In this mail you will get an overview of your order. A link will be included as well to download your e-tickets in PDF format.

      Each ticket purchased has a separate PDF that you must print out at home and bring with you to the admission desk at the venue where the performance is to take place.

      E-tickets are not always available as an option, as they cannot be scanned at all locations. In 95% of the cases e-tickets are available.

      An e-ticket contains a barcode and can only be scanned once. Each ticket has a unique barcode. Making a copy is therefore pointless. When fraud is detected, this will be prosecuted.

      No extra costs will be charged when e-tickets are possible.

      In order to print your e-tickets, you must have a PDF reader. This software can be found on the internet free of charge.

      When printing e-tickets, please make sure that they are printed clearly (on white paper). If the printout is poor, the QR code might not be read by the scanner.
    2. By postal delivery

      After your payment has been accepted, you will receive a confirmation e-mail from Mollie. This e-mail will give you an overview of your order. We will send the tickets by postal delivery to the address you provided.

      With this option, extra costs are charged for shipment. For Belgium this is 2,5 euro, outside Belgium 4,5 euro. Registered delivery is also possible, this costs 9 euros.

      If you have not received your tickets within 7 days, please contact us.

      The purchase of tickets by postal delivery is only possible up to 7 days before the performance date, taking into account the general shipping terms (weekends, holidays in Belgium and abroad).

    It is important that your email address and postal address are correct. Please check this carefully with every order. If your details are incorrect we cannot guarantee that the tickets will be sent or will arrive on time.

  • D. Refunds

    Tickets will not be refunded, not even in the event of loss, damage or theft.  Tickets will only be refunded under the following conditions:

    1. Within a 24-hour time span after buying your tickets;
    2. A death in the first degree;
    3. Hospital admission, with valid proof;
    4. Cancellation of the event by the organiser.

    It is best to contact the ticket mail or ticket line of In&Uit. You can also send the tickets together with a proof to:

    Brugge Plus vzw t.a.v. In&Uit ticket sales
    't Zand 34
    8000 Bruges

    In all other cases reimbursement is not allowed!*

    The right of renunciation does not apply as the service, i.e. the reservation of tickets, is carried out immediately. Reimbursement due to uncollected tickets or tickets not arriving by post is also not possible.

    Shipping costs are never refunded.

    Exception Procession of the Holy Blood

    If the Procession of the Holy Blood is officially canceled (for example due to bad weather conditions), ticket holders have two options:

    • or you choose to rebook your ticket free of charge to the next edition of 2024. You can do this until 15 March 2024.
    • or you choose to have your ticket refunded. You can also do this until March 15, 2024.

    In&Uit will contact all ticket holders for a rebooking or refund with the procedure to be followed.

    *Please note that different rules may apply to refunds for the rescheduling and cancellation of events due to the corona pandemic. You can check them here on the website of the Belgian Federal Public Service Economy.

  • E. Changing tickets

    Tickets cannot be changed.

  • F. Event changes

    If the event organizer/producer changes the content, the date or location of the event or cancels the event, it is the organizer/producer who decides whether and under what conditions tickets and possible additional costs can be refunded or exchanged. Depending on the agreement between Brugge Plus vzw and the organizer/producer, the refund or exchange will or will not happen via Brugge Plus vzw.

    The customer will be informed in time by either the organizer, or by Brugge Plus vzw of the procedure to be followed.

  • G. Overview costs

    1. Shipping costs:

      On e-tickets no costs are charged for shipping.
    2. When tickets are sent by post, the following costs are charged:

      Belgium: 2.5 euros
      Outside Belgium: 4,5 euro
      Registered: 9 euro
    3. Lost tickets:

      If you have lost your tickets and want to get them again, a cost of 1 euro/ticket will be charged. 
    4. Reprinting e-tickets at the counter:

      If you would like to have your e-tickets printed at the In&Uit desk, a cost of €1/ticket can be charged.
  • H. Order follow-up

    For information about your order you can always contact Brugge Plus vzw or the event organizer/producer itself. The contact details of Brugge Plus vzw can be found at the end of these conditions.

  • I. Complaints

    In case of any complaints, please send them by registered mail to Brugge Plus vzw (contact details below). Please state your complaint clearly. If possible, provide as much information as possible such as customer number, confirmation mail.

  • J. General

    The relations between the client and Brugge Plus vzw are exclusively governed by Belgian law. In case of disputes, only the courts of the Bruges district have jurisdiction.

    Both parties expressly accept e-mail and fax as evidence in their mutual relations.

    The non-exercise by Brugge Plus vzw or the event organizer of rights as stipulated in these conditions of sale cannot be considered as a waiver of the right to do so in the future.

    Brugge Plus vzw and the event organizer have the right to change these conditions of sale at any time and without prior notice. The date on which these amended conditions come into force is always mentioned in the title.

  • K. Contact details

    1. Brugge Plus vzw, Department Tickets Brugge, Lange Vesting 112, 8200 Bruges, by email via:
    2. Ticket desk:

      In&Uit (Concert Hall)
      't Zand 34
      8000 Bruges

      Monday to Saturday from 10.00 a.m. to 1.00 p.m. and 2.00 p.m. to 5.00 p.m.
      Sunday from 10.00 a.m. to 2.00 p.m.
      Closed on Christmas Day and New Year's Day.
      Due to the current Covid-19 measures opening hours may vary.
    3. Ticket mail:, always available.
    4. Ticket hotline: +32 (0) 78 15 20 20, available from Monday to Friday from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m., except public holidays.

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